Deasura develops and deploys technologies tightly coupled with psychology that reveal then quantify the deeper, more hidden aspects of human beings including emotions, truths, and general wellbeing to meet a wide range of business and government needs

Our company takes its name from an ancient goddess, and just as she protected and guided her followers, Deasura’ s professionals protect and guide our clients in areas related to behavioral health and emotional and physical well-being, like force-readiness, human resources, and credibility assessments.

Deasura’ s reliable measurements of a person’s current state as well as advanced analytics evaluating how these change over time, support both government and commercial sector entities at all levels around the world. At Deasura, we invest heavily in research and development to constantly strengthen, broaden, and deepen our abilities to analyze and assess the relevance of emotions in all human beings.

Drawing inspiration from our namesake goddess, Deasura applies its technology to help professionals in both public and the private sector recognize and improve every aspect of their interactions with the people they depend on most including employees, contractors, clients, constituents, and partners.